Fifteen years ago, with a desire for a more active lifestyle, I left behind a career in Hollywood and moved to the Vail Valley with only an economics degree and a pair of skis in hand.  I started over with a broom, literally. My first construction job was sweeping out building sites.  I moved on to specialize in carpentry and then founded Trinity Builders.

My hands-on experience allows me to walk on-site with knowledge of each trade and spot construction issues that might normally go undetected. I believe that communication is key for the success of a project, and my clients have my direct number to call at any time to discuss their needs and concerns. Unlike many general contractors, you will find me ninety percent of the time on location going over every detail to provide you with a home or commercial space that will far exceed your expectations. I’m also known to strap on a tool belt and work along side the trades to meet project deadlines.

My goal is to provide high-quality construction within budget parameters by using creativity, trade knowledge, industry contacts and extensive product sourcing to bring my clients’ vision to reality.

Ryan Dunn


As a builder, we understand that we alone do not make the home but rather a collaboration of many that make it happen. It is our job to communicate and understand our crews, suppliers, designers and most importantly, our clients. On budget on time is our motto. As a builder involved with speculative projects we pride ourselves in finding the best quality for the best price. We spend a great deal of time outsourcing products and labor.

We consider ourselves part builder and part concierge service, catering to our clients’ every need.  We enjoy guiding our clients through the building process in order to experience the ultimate satisfaction they show the upon completion of their project.  We do not believe in surprising our customers. The idea of building a home or remodel can be a shock in itself, we prefer to eliminate that stress at all costs by covering all bases before we start.  During every step of the building process, our clients are informed via meetings, e-mail, photo images.

In the mountains, building isn’t as straight forward as throwing up some walls and a roof. With below freezing temperatures and heavy snow loads our homes need the utmost attention to detail in materials and engineering, our job is to build custom homes that will last for generations.


Ryan Dunn

President & CEO

I remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded seventeen years ago: providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, creating opportunities for our people, delivering exceptional work, fostering innovation, acting with integrity, and strengthening our communities.These tenets unite us as one company,and guide every aspect of our business.

Gokhan Kurtul

Project Manager

Gokhan has been on nearly every project since the fruition of Trinity. He is as skilled and valuable as every tool in the job box, and jobsite for that matter. I call him the multi-tool for the very reason a multi-tool can take on every task and does it with precision. His knowledge and skills are integral to this company. He never leaves a job site without every I dotted and every T crossed, from start to finish.

Craig Steele

Assistant Project Manager

Craig Steele is a visionary architect, designer and builder of custom homes at Trinity Builders .He possesses a distinctive skill set holding two Masters Degrees in Architecture and Engineering. His unique, idea driven approach to home building allows him to transform stunning, often dream-like designs into timeless and practical creations that both spike imagination and satisfy everyday needs.