Building In The Rockies Can Be Expensive

There is no doubt that the Rocky Mountains is truly a beautiful place to live in, especially in the chilly winter months. Wherever you look, you would be able to see the white snow enveloping everything in hindsight. Imagine waking up to such a beautiful scenery. When thinking about all this, you might be planning to build up a holiday home in Vail Colorado. This would seem like the ultimate getaway for you, your friends, as well as your family members. But the problem arises if you would like to construct a house there as opposed to just purchasing or renting a ready-made home. This is because the Rocky Mountains, like the name suggests, are basically mountainous areas. In such steep locations, a lot of problems can arise when constructing a custom home.

So when planning your new home construction in the Rocky Mountains, four main areas have been identified as problems. These are as follows:

1- Home Building Site

The first problem which is faced by custom home builders is the site in which the house will be constructed. This is because while the overall slope might be a major challenge, you will need to think about the angle of slope as well. This is because the steeper the slope, the more difficult it will be to construct the home and the driveway. In addition, it can also be quite a challenge to get all the raw materials and construction equipment to the site as well. Compared to a flat land, even the amount of time needed to complete the project will take longer. Besides all this, if your land is surrounded or covered by trees, then it will add more to your problems. This is because these trees will have to be cut by hand. Other than that, the boulders and trees would have to be hauled away which would require the assistance of expert and highly skilled operators.

The next problem which will arise is geology. This is because these hilly areas are mostly made up of rock. So even if your building company is quite experienced and knowledgeable in what they will have to do, there will always remain some uncertainty as to how they will dig up the rocks from the foundation. This is because of even if a slight mistake has been made, then it can lead to it being blasted out or the foundation of your home will have to be raised to a higher level.

When Trinity builders will be starting your project, the foundation will need to be made very strong. In this way, it will secure your house from sliding off. Therefore, with the help of expert builders, your house will be designed by engineering experts. They will be making sure that your house will have a strong base of foundation which will help offset the power of gravity and hostile weather conditions at high elevation.

Lastly, the technology which will be used in construction of your home will also be an issue. This is because in the hilly areas, all the high-tech equipment will not be applicable. In some of the cases, you might see that the basic equipment will have to be used.

Cheap Labor Drives Vail Construction

These days in the Vail Valley we are seeing hundreds of new “custom homes” dominating the landscape.These modern homes are mostly associated with world renowned architects, exclusive gated communities,and many high end custom home builders.Although the expectation is these are high quality construction projects,things are not always as they seem and appearances can be deceiving.Custom home builders today,in order to maximize profits and win construction bidding wars are resorting to hiring low wage(therefore low-skilled) workers and using the cheapest available building materials.The current status quo when it comes to new home construction in Vail, is to build a  home that lasts just long enough for the home builder to get funded and move on to the next project. Unfortunately,the client often times get stuck with a multi million dollar headache and has no recourse but to sue the builder which often times does not work out in the clients favor.

With all of these issues in today’s home construction environment there are still reputable custom home builders who take the old fashioned approach to building with precision and craftsmanship.Here at Trinity Builders we pride ourselves on building homes that will last centuries for multiple generations to enjoy.